Stop Talking I’m About To Sing

2018 witnessed the recording of a very unique album. Two gays using our music to aid in recovery from recent trauma and mental health issues in nudist clubs? “In Search of Love and Music”, a Joni Mitchell Tribute, with David Johnson is truly something not to ignore.


What’s next for the fake artist? Am I actually going to do something like Frank Zappa did? It’s about time. As we know, Zappa was just as highbrow as he was lowbrow. In fact, sometimes even simultaneously, like the London Philharmonic Orchestra and choir singing “get me hot and horny”. He did classical music in addition to songs like Jewish Princess.


I’m proud to have done a lot of artsy fartsy, on and off, for decades. Dialectic Flowers is ridiculously artsy artsy. I’ve also done some seriously naughty stuff, mostly for private audiences. It’s time I sink to a new low – public and unashamed. So low in fact, that a teenage high school dropout in an Indiana trailer park will want to watch it on his old Obama Phone. Gay parodies of beloved classic songs, weed, modern country all sounding the same, attacking wholesome musicals with crude lyrics, songs about the government, and more gay parodies are planned for this filthy mashup.



“Stop Talking I’m About To Sing” is currently in preproduction, and already has a few tedious demos to subject your unwilling grandparents to. With nearly three dozen titles to draw from written over a period of about a decade, this body of music is guaranteed to offend just about anyone and everyone who believes in anything.