The Lost Tapes




Were you in the Portland, Oregon area in the early 1990’s? Did you happen to have contact with a young recording artist named Jason Ingram? Please check your closets for any of his early tapes!

Jason Ingram (left) circa 1990

Due to family issues and cultic fanatical religion, by the second half of the 1990’s all the master tapes and copies were either thrown out, destroyed, or went missing.

Titles include: “A Movie About Beanerd McEe” 1990, “King John In Hell” 1991, “Catastrophe Part I and II” 1992, and appearances with One World Vision and other projects and live and radio appearances. Any art, photos, and footage would also be very appreciated. Other tapes of mine might be labeled “K-Tell Hell” or “Blowfish”.

Please contact if you have anything, ideas, or information!


Update: May 2020

Only the insert for Beanerd Mcee was found with the cassette missing, however through a former band member there were a few tapes found; and this artist, Brian McGill, was someone I was searching for the last decade and unable to find him. Through a facebook group having to do with a rare interest, the Canterbury Scene, he recognized my name and messaged me. I was camping in Arizona this January and was able to download the first two recordings on my phone and listen on my RV speakers.


So far, five recordings have been copied to digital, ironically not having anything to do with all the old contacts I informed since last summer and nothing from years of trying to get through to someone at KBOO Radio. I must say, that after supporting that station monthly, writing, calling, emailing, talking in person as well as messaging one of their volunteers; after years of trying I finally got a few of them to check their archives for me but with no avail.

Here are some clips from 1992-1993