Virus Madness and Fake Zappa for President

Troubled times calls for troubled leaders!When the world goes crazy, why not look towards a crazy person?DSC_0053_4

Fake Zappa as “Sicko” during the shooting of the music video “So Sick” Los Angeles area, February 2020 is why, with this global crisis, we not only need another old-white-man to tell us what to believe; we need a germ-phobic, openly fake, uneducated and fake political figure!Multimedia artist and mental health activist Fake Zappa might be in your area and loaded with fake campaign merchandise and other scams that get people to think, “that’s not art”!So, during the global plague, let’s take a moment to peek out of our windows of social isolation and see some pseudo-street-art and Keep America Fake!For more information and how you can be involved, please follow this link:Fake Presidential Campaign