Fake Zappa Stands With Trump! (NSFW)

stands with trump church 1s

There are a lot of recent political ads for the local government candidates (where I am currently staying) for various republicans who say that they “stand with Trump”. This is my vain attempt to stand with Trump, in addition to exploiting another opportunity to show off my dad-bod.

stands with trump church 3

Because of my recent political ads and a lot of social media campaigns, I have confused a lot of people about what I am doing, why I am doing it, and what my personal views actually are. I identify as a “Trump Supporter Supporter” and post pictures of me with various Trumpies while wearing my special red hat; and have gotten a lot of knee-jerk reactions from our peace-loving Not-My-President Club. Now, I am posing with The Don Himself! (News Flash: mentally ill artist is confusing people – crazy people, comedians, and entertainers always seem to make so much sense…)

Trump church

Our beloved Commander and Chief made quite a statement recently with His epic bible-photo-session. In fact, He made more than one statement to more than one group of people. That’s part of His genius-public-relations-tango! He can say one thing to one person and at the same time that one thing can say something different to a different person while saying one thing, or in this case, simply posing for a photo opportunity.


I am trying to do that as well. This above photo can be interpreted as Fake Zappa passionately and lovingly embracing the President, or humping his leg like a horny old hound. It’s your choice.


stands with trump church 2


I admire how our President not only runs this nation, but how He soars above negative attention in addition to gaining more and more positive attention to His followers. Is He a social media whore? Well, if you notice who’s posing naked in these photos, it’s quite clear who the whore is…


“If he opened it, he could have learned something”, says Joe Biden. The fact is, the President is reading His Bible quite a lot, especially the Old Testament. He is doing a terrific job at doing God’s work! In fact, He’s behaving like God Himself! He’s even criticized because it looks like He is holding that bible upside down. He’s also wearing two shades of blue, which to some of us queers is a fashion crime, and perhaps we should freak out about that. What’s even worse than all of this mayhem, is the fact that some naked faggot photo-bombed this sacred historic event.


Let the civil war begin! It’s God against the disorderly! God is fighting against the lawless! Who’s side will you be on? God or satan? It’s your choice!