Special thanks to them Dutch cowboys

Crazy Cowboy Nite!

Fake Zappa is batty as hell, gets off of his meds, and hosts another Anything Can Happen Nite with some sick southern charm including redneck fashion show and DadBod Contest!

Prizes for best Cowboy and Cowgirl and best Cornfed Bubba

Featured Artists:

Peyton Covfefe

A. M. Rodriguez

Cody Haynes

Welcoming back, Squeeze the Squid!

This special evening celebrates our country heritage focusing on epic poor taste. Bring yer favorite Trumpster and yer fabulous hillbilly attire.

Exclusive performances by the Lumpkin Space Age Hobo Posse and additional special guests who roast classic Americana and more epic mayhem.

Fake Zappa performs Crymes Against Country including old and exclusive tunes:

God Gave Me Dudes
Buddy Sex
Jesus Take the Wheel (I Am Uninsured)
Trumpie Went A Votin’
Need Food Now

This is a special link to the page yer already on dingbat!

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