Happy Anniversary, Joni Mitchell Tribute!

Happy three year anniversary of the Joni Mitchell tribute album! Now with an extended version of this twelve song LP, released this day in 2019.

The album was produced by Fake Zappa, featuring Joel M Riddell on horns, Heidi Beth Sadler of Chasing Ebenezer on violin and David Johnson on lead vocals, guitar and keyboard. New surprises include new lead vocals on Furry Sings the Blues by Jason T. Ingram with a special guest appearance from the late Furry Lewis himself. Fake Zappa (AKA Jason T Ingram) arranged most of the music and performed most of the music using mostly electronic instruments due to availability issues. Other instruments include a toy accordion, flute, “mocktail” drumkit and more.

Recorded originally throughout the American Northwest spring, summer, and autumn of 2018 and released January 13th, 2019. Special thanks to Freddy Freeman for the production input and Joel Eichler for the use of the 12 string guitar. New overdubs recorded in the Savanah River Valley, December, 2021.

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Jason and David in Sultan, Washington

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