Boy Erased vs. My Story Is the book and film “Boy Erased” a realistic picture of what most conversion therapy survivors go through? Is Boy Erased anything at all like what I experienced in my five years in the “ex-gay” movement? Why does it upset me when I hear a lot of conversion therapy stories? […]

Classic Folk-Rock, EDM Style, for Gay Pride 2019 LGBTQ Culture has influenced everything from the black leather you see in heavy metal bands to the gender-bending you see in classic New Wave. Fags like me also enjoy injecting some “Queer Eye” fabulousness into whatever the fuck we want to influence. It’s part of our sinister […]

The Artist Currently Named Fake Zappa is one of the most overly-ignored, overly-unpopular, and overly-nerdy-home-recording-geeks to hide since the 1980’s. After a devastating house fire March of 2018, his studio was destroyed, and his current projects were thought to be unsalvageable. Unable to finish his earlier projects, he decided to buy some gear to build […]