Bowman Foundation

191 Bowman Ctr. Cir.
Evanston , IL 60204

Our History

After the mysterious disappearance of Patti C. Bowman in the early 1980’s, we were instructed to do something about the example she set. For nearly four decades, the Bowman Foundation (not to be confused with the Bowman Family Foundation) has worked around the clock to advocate for the morbidly obese when it comes to the availability of ZeroG Therapy™. ZeroG Therapy™ (or 0/G Therapy™ as it is sometimes called) is a proven system where gravity sufferers can get relief from several ailments due to being excessively overweight. Please join us in our fight to make this available to those in need. “No Chubby Person Left Behind” should be your motto, as it is ours. Space travel should NOT be limited to the privileged who have (so far) been all “height-weight proportionate”. We are still tirelessly reaching out to the Space Industry to be more inclusive and provide these services to those in need, including midwife services. Please consider supporting our cause and bringing visibility to this much needed essential part of the care of so many of those in need.

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“It’s a thyroid problem. Don’t judge me.”

Patti-Cake Bowman