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Do you need a wedding cake that is from a company that strictly caters to traditional weddings? Do you believe that your “holy matrimony” should be entirely holy, including the food served? If your cake is made by a business that enables homosexual marriage, what does that say to the future of your children? What does that say to the future of our nation?


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At Hetero Cakes™, we believe in diversity, and we are committed to not discriminate to any couple based on race, political affiliation, or disability status. Every man and woman who wants a quality cake is welcome with us! We are committed to treating our customers with the upmost respect, as we celebrate the sacred union of a man and a woman, committing their entire lives to each other.adult baking bride cakeblur cake cake topper close upfood couple sweet marriedWe use the finest ingredients, and when we can, we buy from vendors who support traditional marriage. photo of newly married couple

Our company exercises our rights based on the Supreme Court and the religious freedom that has made America great to cater exclusively to male-female couples in the hopes that our example will inspire others to reconsider modern views that threaten the institution of marriage. We also take an extra precaution to make sure our clients who were born male, are in fact male, and those who are born a female, are indeed a lady.
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wedding couple kissing each otherHetero Cakes ™ is honored by organizations such as the American Family Association and the International Scientism Foundation.


We have plenty of options to suit the dietary needs of you and your guests, including:

-Gluten Free


-No Sugar Added


In addition to what we put into our quality products, we screen all of our dedicated team of bakers to make sure they do not exhibit any same-sex-attraction or gender-non-conforming behavior. This ensures that there are no influences that could interfere with your sacred ceremony to celebrate what marriage is all about.

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Click here for more information about the International Scientism Foundation


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