About Fake Zappa

Hi. I’m Fake Zappa. Not the real one. I do music, art, and videos, in addition to taking nifty pictures and writing stuff. My activism has to do with harmful mental health practices that I’ve survived, for instance, conversion therapy and the ever cheapening mental health industry.

Art is fake. Rock is fake. Healthcare is fake. I am fake.


In 2017, I decided to take on a fabulous artist name, and mimic the business models, philosophies, art forms, comedy, and appearance of the late Frank Zappa. Earlier that year I also registered a business.

My Business: Sunday Driver, LLC

In 2015, I started a band and people didn’t get it. They still don’t really get it, except for our listeners overseas who think that a wizard-themed ambient progressive-rock performance art project is a spiffy thing to behold.

My Band: Dialectic Flowers


Fake Zappa’s Joni Mitchell Tribute Featuring David Johnson

Fake Zappa with David Johnson, Sultan, Washington – 2018


Fake Zappa Interviews

dialectic flowers at pimc
Fake Zappa with Dialectic Flowers, Portland Insight, 2016

Dialectic Flowers “Power Naps” Excerpt

From “Oblique Strategies” by Dialectic Flowers

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I’m A Social Media Whore


Fake Zappa with Dialectic Flowers, Art Installation, St. Johns, 2018

Some Credentials:


Fake Credentials:

North American Brotherhood of Ideologues

The International Scientism Foundation

Jason at Gay Pride, Portland, Oregon, 2012
Fake Zappa, AKA Jason T. Ingram, at Convergence, Seattle, 2015