Fake Zappa for President 2020!

Fake Zappa for President!

Fake Zappa For President [Recovered]

Support my fake campaign!






How you can be involved:

Don’t send me actual money – in fact, don’t even vote for me. What I want is power. At the same time, I want YOU to be heard. I want YOU to be empowered. Most importantly, and with all political candidates, real or fake, I want to entertain you and make you feel good.

presidential merch shirtless whitehouse s

I need the following from you:

What you want to be called (screen name, handle, etc…)

What my views should be

Where I should run for president

How much fake money you want to pledge

If you’re super smart, you can also tell me who my running mate should be


Please post your ideas on my social media pages by following the hashtag #FakeZappaForPresident on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – also post on your own social media and make sure you tag #FakeZappaForPresident so we can find you – make a video – get creative!

Here’s a guide to Fake Zappa’s Social Media Pages


Other ways you can share your opinions is to log into WordPress and leave a reply on this page, or comment on the following blog post Don’t Vote For Me In 2020 or Contact directly 

(Until inauguration day) I’ll be anything you want me to be!

Nominate for WHERE I should be president.

Pledge for WHAT I should believe.

Fake Zappa 2020!







  1. We’re living in a fake world, where no one is sure who to trust. Are our candidates even real? They tell us everything they want us to hear, promise everything while commiting to nothing. Hell, why not Fake Zappa?


  2. Running Mate? Okay, I’ll play along with this short lived non-sense, CAPTION Beefheart! My suggestion for MICE PRECEDENT. OMG! What am I doing with my life, especially at this hour?


  3. I’m FLAKE Zappa and yes, I’m Definirely Wondering Why You’re There! Are a lot of Vegetables Responding to you? Do you know any homemakers Frosting A Cake With A Paper Knife? Because you seem to have the Moron part covered! Goodnight Fake Zappa, Wherever You Are!


  4. This is ludicrous! Why are you people supporting this senseless, idiotic man!? Why not support me? I am TOTALLY real! I live in a perfect house with a perfect wife and 2.5 kids, a dog, and a white picket fence in suburban Midwestern USA! It’s all tangible! I have a college degree that PROVES I know stuff! I get paid money to provide goods and services! Admittedly I’m no musician, but what do you really get out of this guy’s “music?” You all just need to sit down and listen to the Black Eyed Peas.


  5. I wish this was actually in line with anything zappa stood for…

    This world is completely trash and I relate to frank on a level I’ve yet to experience from anyone else, so to see this and not be able to draw any logic from it. Means that you’ve completely misunderstood all you were a fan of however long you were a fan, if at all. If you want to be heard, learn to make music, learn a few instruments. Then apply yourself to reality and maybe your common sense has developed enough to guide you to something worthwhile in life. Sad to see the only modern existence of his legacy being mocked by some random plastic person. If I’m wrong, show me. Fake zappa…

    For those of you who understand this, I am in need of musicians. Contact me at silascobaltallen@gmail.com

    Let’s make something real happen.

    Snapchat: redwoodconnect


  6. I believe your running parter should be Vermin Supreme, his views are amazing.


  7. Yo, I really love your thought mate, it’s all about trip and dream. Wherever you should go where you feel and I wish I can catch you up one day or simply wanna vote to you for future freedom in somewhere.


  8. I totally get what you’re about, it’s all about the journey of an idea to get people to think, everything starts somewhere, and everything starts out as being fake, I should be your running mate


  9. You should show your role as a president being a leading instructor for a martial art. Your martial arts uniform should look psychedelic (designer look) and you should perform the Karate Kata (Karate moving form) ‘Heian Nidan’.


  10. Oh god, you are NOT the American Dream.
    But seriously what is this? I’m not quite sure what this is for.


  11. I just saw this ad and as a huge fan of Frank Zappa (I literally just got two albums in the mail today btw) I was wondering what is the endgame of this fake campaign? Is it satire on politics or is it just dicking around with the whole Frank Zappa for president thing?


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