Fake Zappa for President 2020!

Fake Zappa For President [Recovered]

Fake Zappa for President!


Support my fake campaign!


How you can be involved:


Don’t send me actual money – in fact, don’t even vote for me. What I want is power. At the same time, I want YOU to be heard. I want YOU to be empowered. Most importantly, and with all political candidates, real or fake, I want to entertain you and make you feel good.


I need the following from you:

What you want to be called

What my views should be

Where I should run for president

How much you want to pledge

If you’re super smart, you can also tell me who my running mate should be


Please post these items on my social media pages by following the hashtag #FakeZappaForPresident on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


Other ways you can share your opinions is to log into WordPress and leave a reply on this page, or comment on the following blog post Don’t Vote For Me In 2020 or Contact directly 


(Until inauguration day) I’ll be anything you want me to be!

Vote for WHERE I should be president.

Vote for WHAT I should believe.

Fake Zappa 2020!






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