Introducing: Flanders Day



Proposal for Flanders Day

This first annual Flanders Day event has been on my heart for quite a while, and I’m excited to launch this new project

Although next year I plan on having more community involvement, I decided to have a sort of “soft opening” this year, focusing more on media and documenting the march instead of renting a space and staying in one location

(After the 22nd, we might organize another appearance of Fake Flanders, upon demand)

Here’s my first proposal, currently under construction:

I already have a big mustache, and big brown hair, so it won’t take much more to have a great Ned Flanders costume –  A few assistants and I will begin our march around noon near the grassy area where northwest Flanders begins at 1st ave.

Our working date so far is, Tuesday, August 22nd

We will have signs that say things like:

Happy #FlandersDay

Honk if you love Ned!

Jesus loves the left handed


After making a stop at the park blocks, and a small detour in order to cross I405, we proceed to Couch park, where we present the rest of the lefty safety scissors that aren’t handed out during the earlier march to a few faculty members and others who want to see our march, and participate for the last leg of the march (roughly 1:30PM)

We plan on having a few other left handed supplies to offer as well

We continue on to NW Westover and 24th, where Flanders ends, and we can finish up around 2:30PM

Some of my goals for this event, are to raise awareness about how we treat people of faith, my experiences as a conversion therapy survivor, and to help bring exposure to my new art career I launched this year (my personal goals include working my way off of disability, and hopefully being an example for other mentally disabled artists)

It’s also a fun way to inform the public about the proposed, “Flanders Crossing” project, a pedestrian bridge over I405

As a Portland native and Simpsons fan, I believe that events like this are part of what makes Portland wonderfully weird, and fun to live in

People are also encouraged to participate creatively with any Simpsons and Ned fandom

Jason T. Ingram

AKA FakeZappa

Sunday Driver, LLC

Milwaukie, OR

MLC grad, 1979-1991



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