“In Search of Love and Music” – Joni Mitchell Tribute – with David Johnson

The multimedia artist and mental health activist known as Fake Zappa once again went into hiding after experiencing exhaustion trying to focus too much energy on stressful live appearences. After a devastating house fire March of 2018, his studio was destroyed, and his current projects were thought to be unsalvageable. He then traveled most of that year around the Pacific Northwest seeking respite and new ideas. Unable to finish his earlier projects, he decided to buy some mobile gear to build a tiny portable studio, find a gay guy who sings like Joni Mitchell, and make an eclectic album based on her music. Fake Zappa, AKA Jason T. Ingram, injected various genres including classical, techno, jazz, progressive rock, industrial and hiphop; into this pseudo-folk art-pop monstrosity – bringing Joni’s music to a new generation of listeners.

Most of the music was captured at a nudist club and produced in a 22-foot motorhome throughout the Summer of 2018 around the Pacific Northwest. David Johnson is a Seattle area based singer-songwriter who provided all the lead vocals on the project, and played some guitar and keyboard performances in addition. Johnson also lives with mental illness and both artists attribute projects like this to their self-care in addition to following their dreams while pursuing careers in the arts. Both artists are also openly gay and are outspoken about conversion therapy and religious abuse in addition to being epic Joni fans.

Lasting nearly fifty minutes, this diverse body of music was featured on JoniMitchell.com and is currently available for download, CD, and streaming from several outlets. Horns recorded in Sherwood, Oregon, by Joel Riddell in addition to violin by Chasing Ebenezer’s Heidi Beth Sadler. “In Search of Love and Music” was mastered by Landr, published reluctantly by TuneCore, and licensed through Harry Fox. Jason played woodwinds, 12 and 6 string guitars, toy accordion, woodwinds, and his portable invention called the “mocktail drum kit”; in addition to all of the digital programming and production.

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David, while on a hike with Jason and friends during the first session on the Columbia Gorge in Oregon
Fake Zappa’s Taco Scramble at the lake between sessions

David Johnson, singing “Black Crow” from Hejira
“Roses Blue” 1969

“The Last Time I Saw Richard” from Blue, 1971



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